Monday, January 21, 2013


Since landing on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, Ruzzle has become an overnight sensation! It now boasts over 15 million users worldwide and the app has topped the charts as the best word game in over 128 countries! But what makes this game stand above the others? First off, this game is highly addictive. Once you start a game, the rush of trying to find more words than your opponent in less than 2 minutes takes over! This rush soon turns into a word frenzy which is hard to stop! Combine this competitive gameplay with an easy to use interface complete with amazing animations, crazy sounds and a seemingly never ending list of possible opponents and you have a game that is truly captivating. The only downside is that this game almost requires you to log in using a FaceBook account although once you log in you gain lots of extra features such as new achievement  the ability to post game results and even the ability to play against FaceBook friends! This game is free BUT it is ad-supported unless you want to shell out $1.99 to gain exclusive features and rid the app of advertisements. Overall this game is absolutely inspiring and addictive making it a 5 star app!

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Catch Notes

Have you ever needed to capture an important idea but had no way of writing it down? Whether it be a cool new idea that will transform the world or something as simple as a quick shopping list, Catch Notes has you covered! Once inside the app, you will find a very intuitive and visually pleasing user interface that makes taking notes easy for people of all ages. But what really wins this app over is the ability to sync checklists, notes, voice memos and even reminders across devices. Oh and did I mention this app was free for both Android and iOS devices? Catch offers an amazing set of features coupled with an amazing price point which is why this app receives a solid 5 stars!

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Xbox SmartGlass

Anyone who utilizes Microsoft's Xbox Live services in order to game, socialize and connect with people from all over the globe will absolutely love to get their hands on Xbox SmartGlass. What is Xbox SmartGlass you might ask? It's Microsoft's new way of allowing interaction across devices. Basically, it allows you to connect with your Xbox friends, track and compare achievements as well as change up your 3D avatar. But the fun doesn't stop there! When paired up with your Xbox 360 console you can take advantage of your device's keyboard to input text, navigate the system with swipe and tap,  and you can even play, pause, fast forward, rewind, and stop videos playing on your console. This app sounds great on paper and it performs just as well in reality however there are a few basic things that Microsoft overlooked and even restricted. Just glimpsing at the user reviews on the Play Store you will notice that the main user complaint is not being able to actually turn on the Xbox 360 console from the app which may seem like a minor drawback but users looking to use the app as a controller replacement will have to physically get up and push the power button. Furthermore, through my prolonged personal use I noticed sporadic connection bugs and sometimes extremely long latency times between inputting a command into the app and the command being executed on the console. Overall, this app sets out to do something that is innovative and revolutionary so it is bund to have a few bugs and drawbacks so it gets a solid 4 stars!

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