Sunday, August 5, 2012


ShopSavvy is a perfect app for those penny-pinchers who just love to save money on everyday items. Just use the app to scan a barcode off of a product and ShopSavvy does the rest, pulling up customer reviews, a map showing other stores close by that carry the same product, and even a list of stores sorted by price (low to high). But thats not all it does! You know those pesky QR codes that seem to be on every product sold? ShopSavvy will easily scan those and pull up the linked website, app, or whatever else the QR code instructs it to do. Best of all, this app is free for both Android and iOS users!  However, this app seems to be lacking on features, and there are a lot of items that aren't cataloged into the ShopSavvy system which makes the app useless on those products. Overall, ShopSavvy is a solid 3 star app!

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