Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fast Burst Camera

Ever tried taking pictures of say an animal or a small child? Did you get frustrated when every picture you took was blurry from movement? If you have ever went through this, then Fast Burst Camera is a perfect app for you! Its very fast, as in fast enough to make a stop-motion out of moving people and even fireworks (I used this app over the 4th of July and got some very cool .gif animations of fireworks) and yet it is still able to maintain high image resolution and quality. When I used this app, the difference between a normal picture taken with the stock app on max settings and Fast Burst camera were almost indistinguishable in both quality and resolution. But thats not all this app can do, it automatically organizes the pictures taken into sub folders (which can be found on the external SD card) that contain all the pictures from one event (by default one event is one fast burst of pictures which can be between 2-2000 pictures, it depends on how many pictures your device is capable of taking and retaining in its memory and how long you held down the camera button). Once all the pictures are organized, there are a few options available to the user, you can make a .gif animation out of the capture pictures, make a collage, or share them to a friend. Overall, this is a great app that is very stable (I never experienced any force closures, locking up, etc) and full of features thus it receives a solid 5 stars.  However I would like to see a few more features such as the ability to stitch the pictures into a normal video format instead of a .gif (Facebook and most social media sites don't take .gif animations) especially considering the app cost $3.99 in the Google Play Store (don't worry, there is a trial version available)!

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