Saturday, August 25, 2012


AirSync is perfect for the music lover with an Android powered device! It utilizes a desktop client that pulls the user's iTunes playlists and library! It's extremely intuitive and easy to use with it's almost idiot proof setup process and scheduled syncing. Just put both the Android device and the computer being used on the same WiFi connection, open up doubleTwist on the computer and the device should automatically appear on the left hand side under devices. After that all you do is enter the security code on the device into the desktop client and boom. It brings up a page with all the playlists on the computer and allows you to check which playlists you want synced. After that it will automatically sync on the hour as long as both devices remain on the same network.

I did find a few problems with the devices updating playlist info but a quick fix I found was to just restart the mobile device. It refreshes the playlist file being used and fixes the issue! Overall, this app is wonderful and completely worth the $4.99 purchase price! Solid 5 stars!

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