Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shine Runner

Ever seen the TV show Moonshiners? If you have ever seen and/or enjoy that show then Shine Runner is a must have for you! With its high end NVIDIA Tegra graphics and addictive gameplay, running from the Cops will be more enjoyable than ever! However, good luck figuring out the controls on this game. The defaults are on screen controls which are hard to figure out by looking at just the welcome screen and the accelerometer controls are hard to use, requiring the device to be sharply tilted just to get the slightest response in the game. The developer really didn't think these things through especially considering that during the game when you turn even slightly the entire craft drifts in an unrealistic way. In the game, the goal of the game is to drive your airboat to the finish line collecting as much cash on the way as possible. There is no way that I have found to crash the airboat, even while battling the quirky controls, I never once was able to crash or flip the airboat, making this game fun for all ages. At the end of every race it shows a store where you can buy and sell goods just like buying stock in the stock market. Prices go up and down every race and its difficult to tell if you will make money or loose money. Overall, I give this app 3 stars for the bad controls, hopefully the developer will release an update soon that fixes this issue! It currently cost only .99 cents in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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