Sunday, July 29, 2012

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft is one of those games, it doesn't offer great graphics, a storyline or any feature from a normal game however it is still a world wide hit. With variations available on PC, Mac, Xbox, Playstation and many more, it's safe to say the world has fallen in love with it.  Needless to say, the Pocket Edition available on iOS and Android is no exception. It doesn't have high quality graphics like the ones seen in Dead Trigger but it has still been downloaded over 500,000 times just in the Google Play Store. The Pocket Edition started out slow, not offering many of the key features that Minecraft is known for, mainly crafting, however with recent updates, the Pocket Edition offers just as much as any other iteration of Minecraft. The best feature of Minecraft is the ability to build anything. You name it, you can build it in here! With the new crafting update (Version 3.2) any item can be created. Torches, Doors, Windows, Brick, they're are all just a few taps away.With a little bit of creativity and imagination this is an amazing app.However at $6.99 its a bit pricey compared to other games but its one of those games that is 100% worth it considering Minecraft is fun for both children and adults. Not to mention with the new Multiplayer functionality, its easier than ever to play with friends, but theres a slight problem here, in order to play with friends, all players must be on the same WiFi network or paired over Bluetooth. This app gets a solid 5 stars, not because it has high end graphics or a great storyline but because it makes people of all ages feel like they're little kids again.

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For Optimal Gameplay, Advanced Apps recommends the Nexus 7!


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