Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FoxFi Free Tethering

Ever wished you could use extend that data plan you have on your phone onto your computer? Well here is an app that will do all that for FREE! FoxFi provides free wireless tethering without root to most Android devices (currently they don't support HTC devices running Gingerbread, 2.3, due to software restrictions). Best of all, it supports ultra-fast 4G connections which are often faster than most home internet connections, providing lower latency(makes gaming quicker and less frustrating) and higher bandwidth (makes watching that TV show you missed a breeze). When used I used this app, it was extremely simple and seemed very newbie proof. Check one box for WiFi tethering, set up a password, and thats it! On the computer side, my laptop recognized the network and connected just like any other WiFi connection. FoxFi also support Bluetooth tethering which is slower than WiFi tethering but it allows tethering on those HTC devices running Gingerbread. Bluetooth seemed to be just as easy as WiFi tethering except there was more work getting my computer to connect to the network.  Anyhow, FoxFi is an amazing app for anyone with an unlimited data plan (I wound recommend it in *moderation* on any usage-based plans). Solid 5 stars for ease of use and functionality!

Play Store Link

FoxFi is currently not available in the Apple App Store!

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