Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FoxFi Free Tethering

Ever wished you could use extend that data plan you have on your phone onto your computer? Well here is an app that will do all that for FREE! FoxFi provides free wireless tethering without root to most Android devices (currently they don't support HTC devices running Gingerbread, 2.3, due to software restrictions). Best of all, it supports ultra-fast 4G connections which are often faster than most home internet connections, providing lower latency(makes gaming quicker and less frustrating) and higher bandwidth (makes watching that TV show you missed a breeze). When used I used this app, it was extremely simple and seemed very newbie proof. Check one box for WiFi tethering, set up a password, and thats it! On the computer side, my laptop recognized the network and connected just like any other WiFi connection. FoxFi also support Bluetooth tethering which is slower than WiFi tethering but it allows tethering on those HTC devices running Gingerbread. Bluetooth seemed to be just as easy as WiFi tethering except there was more work getting my computer to connect to the network.  Anyhow, FoxFi is an amazing app for anyone with an unlimited data plan (I wound recommend it in *moderation* on any usage-based plans). Solid 5 stars for ease of use and functionality!

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FoxFi is currently not available in the Apple App Store!

Riptide GP

Riptide GP was one of the first NVIDIA Tegra optimized game and it has sold over 100,000 times on the Android App Market alone. But what makes a game so successful? In Riptide's case it's pure graphics! Playing this game on an NVIDIA Tegra 3 tablet provides breathtaking graphics, and extreme responsiveness that rivals modern gaming consoles (Xbox 360, PS3, etc.). Couple that with easy to use controls, an interesting plot, and high speed racing, you sir have a successful app for the masses. 

However, this is one of those apps you download and play only a handfull of times. The main reason,  game play gets repetitive after multiple races!  Vector Unit, the game's developer, tries to keep you interested with lots of different tracks but its hardly enough. Anyhow, Riptide at least offers some multiplayer support but unfortunately it requires an Openfeint account to play. For $1.99 in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Riptide GP is worth every penny. This App gets a solid 4.5 stars for amazing graphics and ease of use!

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft is one of those games, it doesn't offer great graphics, a storyline or any feature from a normal game however it is still a world wide hit. With variations available on PC, Mac, Xbox, Playstation and many more, it's safe to say the world has fallen in love with it.  Needless to say, the Pocket Edition available on iOS and Android is no exception. It doesn't have high quality graphics like the ones seen in Dead Trigger but it has still been downloaded over 500,000 times just in the Google Play Store. The Pocket Edition started out slow, not offering many of the key features that Minecraft is known for, mainly crafting, however with recent updates, the Pocket Edition offers just as much as any other iteration of Minecraft. The best feature of Minecraft is the ability to build anything. You name it, you can build it in here! With the new crafting update (Version 3.2) any item can be created. Torches, Doors, Windows, Brick, they're are all just a few taps away.With a little bit of creativity and imagination this is an amazing app.However at $6.99 its a bit pricey compared to other games but its one of those games that is 100% worth it considering Minecraft is fun for both children and adults. Not to mention with the new Multiplayer functionality, its easier than ever to play with friends, but theres a slight problem here, in order to play with friends, all players must be on the same WiFi network or paired over Bluetooth. This app gets a solid 5 stars, not because it has high end graphics or a great storyline but because it makes people of all ages feel like they're little kids again.

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For Optimal Gameplay, Advanced Apps recommends the Nexus 7!

Shine Runner

Ever seen the TV show Moonshiners? If you have ever seen and/or enjoy that show then Shine Runner is a must have for you! With its high end NVIDIA Tegra graphics and addictive gameplay, running from the Cops will be more enjoyable than ever! However, good luck figuring out the controls on this game. The defaults are on screen controls which are hard to figure out by looking at just the welcome screen and the accelerometer controls are hard to use, requiring the device to be sharply tilted just to get the slightest response in the game. The developer really didn't think these things through especially considering that during the game when you turn even slightly the entire craft drifts in an unrealistic way. In the game, the goal of the game is to drive your airboat to the finish line collecting as much cash on the way as possible. There is no way that I have found to crash the airboat, even while battling the quirky controls, I never once was able to crash or flip the airboat, making this game fun for all ages. At the end of every race it shows a store where you can buy and sell goods just like buying stock in the stock market. Prices go up and down every race and its difficult to tell if you will make money or loose money. Overall, I give this app 3 stars for the bad controls, hopefully the developer will release an update soon that fixes this issue! It currently cost only .99 cents in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger is definitely one of the highest quality games that I have ever played on any phone or tablet. With its realistic graphics, rag doll physics, and interesting story line, its definitely a revolution in mobile gaming. Based off of the Google Play store, it seems this reviewer isn't alone considering there is just over 12,000 positive reviews.  The app is currently free on Android and cost just .99 cents in the Apple App store.

Of course, all games have their downfall. With little to no multiplayer game play and some pesky bugs that just get downright annoying I would give this game a solid four and a half stars out of five until Madfinger puts out some updates to fix the bugs then its without a doubt a five star game.

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